My New Superpower

On Saturday mornings I have a volunteer gig, arriving 45 minutes early to set up for a meeting, arranging chairs, books, hot water. And I get to figure out the physics of moving large furniture.

Yeah, sure, I could wait till others walk in, with coffee in hand, charmingly fuzzy, amazed at how early the morning arrived, and then arrange sofas and tables. But the chance to figure out how to move big stuff easily is, actually, fun.  Especially last week when I discovered the wheel.

The largest table that needs moving is not heavy, but 4′ diameter, too wide to readily pick up alone.  I’ve watched folks shove it, pivot it, recruit a team.  Last week, at 8:45am contemplating it, I realized that sucker was round. It  could roll.

How often do you find an instant superpower?  So slick, so easy. Yes, the wheel was invented thousands of years ago, so last week’s solution required no burnt sacrifices to the Gods of Locomotion.  But it was still a delight — a discovery. And don’t we all need to re-discover concepts for ourselves, as we put them to work in our own lives? It’s one thing to read about fiscal responsibility and a hero’s journey to balance your own budget. It’s cool to study conflict resolution, and practically miraculous to forge peace in a family conflict.

So if you need to, re-invent the wheel. As many times as necessary.


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