10 Ways to Know You’re in Downstate Illinois

This week I’m visiting Mom in the flatest part of the USA. She did a good job raising us; all my sibs actually enjoy prairie. Me too – as you may guess by the blog’s moniker. This goes out to all those who appreciate the midlands.

  1. Strangers greet you in public restrooms.
  2. Rush hour lasts five minutes. Commutes take fifteen.
  3. Sunsets paint half the sky.
  4. You can predict rainstorms hours in advance.
  5. International news includes Argentinian soybean futures.
  6. Really nice three bedroom homes list for $80,000.
  7. Neighbors stop by with extra watermelon, cake, or paella.
  8. Farmers markets are 30 minutes from the field.
  9. People of diverse backgrounds rub shoulders in grocery stores, doctors’ offices, and church services. You have to face differences & deal with them.
  10. A summer insect to look forward to: the firefly.


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