One Icon Fits All?

In Hawaii, they have a different take on Universal Man and Universal Woman. (This is for you, Omar.)

There, even the restrooms have island spirit.

The summer’s trip to the Pacific is a warm memory, as we pull up the covers in the dark season in the Northwest.

You think I’d remember what it takes to get through the 4pm sunsets.  But every year, it takes me a few weeks before I can welcome the darkness. Then I finally remember: this is the time to open the box of crayons, concoct a new recipe, sit in the opalescent fog and meditate on a text. This week I’ve been chewing on how to “open the gates with thanksgiving”.

A perfect time of year to return to the psalms. I am SO looking forward to this weekend’s workshop. It’s a new one. And there are crayon-friendly activities.  Rumor has it that we have a group that will go deep.  I look forward to seeing their unique imprints on the  “universal” images of the psalms.


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  1. Beth – Thanks for thinking of me. This is great! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to the workshop this weekend, but look forward to hearing a report from you over coffee sometime. Cheers, Omar

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