Poem: Strange Herd

I just returned from a 3 week trip, encountering the most marvelous beings, including DeWitt and a fetching red horse. Here’s what came of our rides together:

Strange Herd

Climb atop the chestnut fox-trotter named Master
for a ride to the ridge top.
See the Painted Hills on the other side,
where our guide-and-wrangler Dewitt says
the bottom layer was mud during the Eocene
when horses were the size of dogs
and had 3 toes.
Pronghorn alert to our arrival,
poise at the top of a hill watching this strange herd,
ready to bound away if needed.
DeWitt says, they evolved during the Pleistocene
to escape predators that no longer prowl
North America — lion, cheetah —
so perfectly evolved for speed they’ve
not needed to change since.

What did I evolve to escape
eons ago
that no longer threatens?

 Dewitt Says

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