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After Summer, Before Winter

Green veins in a scarlet leaf. You no longer carry the life-giving gifts you once did. Still, you are part of this season’s beauty.

Poem: Strange Herd

I just returned from a 3 week trip, encountering the most marvelous beings, including DeWitt and a fetching red horse. Here’s what came of our rides together: Strange Herd Climb atop the chestnut fox-trotter named Master for a ride to the ridge top. See the Painted Hills on the other side, where our guide-and-wrangler Dewitt […]

Sharing the Sky (June 2016)

Sharing the Sky (June 2016) One light to govern day. Another light to govern night. Tonight they salute each other across the dance floor of the earth. The sun making his grand solstice departure just as a strawberry moon arrives in her full-faced round beauty. For a few moments balance stretches from one horizon to […]

Epistles from the Forest

The Spirituality Center at St. Placid, where I take retreats,  includes a lowland wood. The sisters have somehow enlisted the local birds, ferns, fungi, and trees to conspire in creating provocative images for reflection.  Here are a year’s  cycle in the form of haiku.  Three of these images are from St. Placid, and two snuck […]

Hawk’s Haiku

Feathers, shaft, and bone This used to be a pigeon Life goes on

Haiku, Nature, and Heart

A white flower-moon, days away from being full. She shines anyway.   During May I was lucky enough to partake of a Haiku retreat. It demands careful observation of nature, translated into plain words with a resonance of the soul. What is taking place? Why should we care?  It’s a different use of language. I can’t climb inside […]