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Poem: Strange Herd

I just returned from a 3 week trip, encountering the most marvelous beings, including DeWitt and a fetching red horse. Here’s what came of our rides together: Strange Herd Climb atop the chestnut fox-trotter named Master for a ride to the ridge top. See the Painted Hills on the other side, where our guide-and-wrangler Dewitt […]

Sharing the Sky (June 2016)

Sharing the Sky (June 2016) One light to govern day. Another light to govern night. Tonight they salute each other across the dance floor of the earth. The sun making his grand solstice departure just as a strawberry moon arrives in her full-faced round beauty. For a few moments balance stretches from one horizon to […]

Gargoyle Birthday

Birthdays. Hah. A big deal when you’re a kid. A mile-post when you’re an elder. But, really, it seems self-absorbed to make a deal over them in my middle years. Then birthdays like this year’s fall BAM on my heart. I decided to be all dispassionate about this year. Sure, I could go to that […]

Magic & Downfalls

Here I am again. At the top of a small hill, trying to ski down it with some elegance and style. More realistically: without injuring myself, others, or my dignity. I’ve made it down several hills today with complete success. Well, most people wouldn’t call them hills, more like a small rolls in the trail. […]

Lessons from an American Train Adventure

Earlier this year, my partner James and I spent two weeks of circumnavigating the U.S. on train. Here are the take aways I hope continue to live with me after unpacking: Sunrise and sunset are daily light shows of subtlety and grandeur. Perfected. Changed. Re-perfected. Watch them as often as possible. Close the book or […]

Digesting the Bread of Life

Dr. B paused, smiled ruefully. “This is kind of challenging,” she told me gently, “It means eliminating all ground grains from your diet.” WHAT? No pizza, rosemary rounds, or brownies? None of James’ soda bread hot from the bread machine, slathered with butter? At that time, many foods twisted my intestines into knots. A colony […]

10 Solutions for Brain Loop

“What is your favorite remedy for brain loop?” a friend asked her Facebook circle, “I mean those times when you keep replying negative possibilities over and over in your head.” Dang, I know what she’s talking about, don’t you? A quick survey of my circle uncovers these variants: rehearsing conversations, re-designing solutions, repeating disasters. Take […]