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Sharing the Sky (June 2016)

Sharing the Sky (June 2016) One light to govern day. Another light to govern night. Tonight they salute each other across the dance floor of the earth. The sun making his grand solstice departure just as a strawberry moon arrives in her full-faced round beauty. For a few moments balance stretches from one horizon to […]

Dinner Roulette

“My mom is a miracle,” declares the woman on the train with a wide smile. She’s tonight’s dinner companion, the latest assignment in Amtrak’s policy to share dining tables. She’s so happy to be riding the rails instead of the bus to her family gathering outside Little Rock. Her name is Shirley. “Isn’t this better? […]

Thoughts while flying first class

I don’t do this very often. It’s kinda weird. Kinda cool. Thanks to my sister’s  frequent flyer miles,  I get to see Mom and sip free wine on the way. Look! They’ve added a new icon to the ole regulars (Seat Belt Action Required, Universal Man, Universal Woman,  and the smouldering cigarette that is firmly […]

Skyscraper Light

We live next to downtown Seattle. There’s no sparkling view of Puget Sound, but a fine landscape of skyscrapers. An urban naturalist can observe the elements playing with these buildings as much as any mountain or prairie vista. At times the WA MU Tower’s penthouse summit is hidden in fog while its midriff can clearly […]

Unexpected Friendships

What happens when you mix an Islamic mystic, a Benedictine convent, and a small town with a large military population? Is it the set-up for a wacky movie? Or a documentary on the clash between tragically limited people. In this case, it’s an experimental leap of faith, as St. Placid Priory opens its doors for […]