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After Summer, Before Winter

Green veins in a scarlet leaf. You no longer carry the life-giving gifts you once did. Still, you are part of this season’s beauty.

Mystics with Tool Kits

My partner, James, is a man of few words. A man dis-inclined to effusive expressions. A man who doesn’t see much point in talking about the spiritual realm. A man whose hands are so strong and skilled they earned him the title Master Carpenter. In other words, he and I are an odd match indeed. […]

Lessons from an American Train Adventure

Earlier this year, my partner James and I spent two weeks of circumnavigating the U.S. on train. Here are the take aways I hope continue to live with me after unpacking: Sunrise and sunset are daily light shows of subtlety and grandeur. Perfected. Changed. Re-perfected. Watch them as often as possible. Close the book or […]

10 Solutions for Brain Loop

“What is your favorite remedy for brain loop?” a friend asked her Facebook circle, “I mean those times when you keep replying negative possibilities over and over in your head.” Dang, I know what she’s talking about, don’t you? A quick survey of my circle uncovers these variants: rehearsing conversations, re-designing solutions, repeating disasters. Take […]

Call from Beyond

The recorded voice announces: We are taking a 30 second survey on the nation’s debt crisis. For participating, you will be offered a free 3 DAY CRUISE IN THE BAHAMAS. Port charges may apply. Get rich quick by commenting on economic collapse. Hang up. Walk in the sun of Seattle. Warm enough.

One Icon Fits All?

In Hawaii, they have a different take on Universal Man and Universal Woman. (This is for you, Omar.) There, even the restrooms have island spirit. The summer’s trip to the Pacific is a warm memory, as we pull up the covers in the dark season in the Northwest. You think I’d remember what it takes […]

Garden Envy

My mom is a prowler. For as long as I can remember, she has staked out particular homes with what some might call obsessive interest, driving past them as often as possible, slowing to the pace of a toddler on a tricycle so everyone in the car could practice the Art of Appreciation: My how […]

On Sharing Rumi

“Poems are rough notations for the music we are.” writes the guy who, arguably, wrote more poetry than almost anyone in the history of the world, tens of thousands of lines. Why listen to him? Why have I spent months & hours preparing for tomorrow’s event, where we’ll sit together and join our imaginations with […]

End Times & Election Season

“Now I know we’re going to hell in a handbasket,” “Finally, things are turning around.” I wade through the swamp of rhetoric daily, climb onto a small island of time, and listen to Rumi. He lived in a time of true sea change — as the middle east was swept by the Mongols, the crusaders, […]

We never knew what was coming next. That never stopped us from having fun.

I’m quizzing Jean Nichols on how she managed to raise her tribe of kids living in Humboldt County California, where Redwood trees outnumber businesses. She pauses, smiles, tilts a perfectly coiffed, silver head, then tells story after story of how the family managed: operating a small construction business and filling in with what they could […]