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Science Fair meets Lenten Practice

This week I performed Emma Darwin for a science fair at Marshall Middle School in Olympia. It was totally impressive! 8th graders designing experiments and reporting the results on three narrow display panels. Among the many delicious investigations,  a young man tested the old wives’ tale that coffee grounds were a good fertilizer. He compared […]

Emma Speaks!

Originally Posted Sunday, May 10, 2009  After two years, dozens of books, one trip to Down, England, and hours of imagining, Emma Darwin’s Helpful Suggestions for Surviving Life with a Scientist has been birthed. It’s a thirty minute visit with Charles’ wife, as she dishes up tales of rumpus rooms, worm research, and life lived […]

Count Your Blessings & Watch Your Worms

Originally posted April 1, 2008 Lately I’ve been reading the writings of the Darwins: the bearded ferocity of Charles and his lesser-know wife, Emma. We apply his name to to any sharp competition (the most obvious being Athletic Darwinism — a silly phrase), but when it came to his domestic habitat, CD was a pussycat, […]