The Poetry of Rumi

Widening Rings of Being: The Poetry of Rumi

Photo by John Curry

The most popular poet in the U.S. today is a 13th Century Islamic mystic.

Welcome to the imagination of Jelaluddin Rumi:  where crowns talk to kings;  where “every being is a jar full of delight”;  where the Koran, Hebrew scripture, and Christian teachings are equally revered.   Amsbary and musician Patrick Shaw form a playful duet of words and music.   Join them on a path into Rumi’s world, to hear a timely voice for contemporary western audiences, spinning tales that are as startling as they are delightful.
Rumi was born in 1207, in what is now Afghanistan, fled the Mongol invasions, and lived in Turkey.  He was a highly regarded theologian in the ecstatic Sufi school of Islam, the “whirling dervishes”.   His writing exemplifies Persian poetry, in much the same way that Shakespeare captures the beauty of English.

translated by Coleman Barks
directed by Terry Edward Moore

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