(I’ve been writing of how to find common celebrations across different beliefs, a good and worthy search. And, now, let’s give voice to the other side: when commonality isn’t appropriate.) Some moments (4:24am) are not meant to be shared. Mysteries require mist. Redwood groves only thrive where they are regularly bathed in fog. No one […]

The morning wake up alarm goes off far earlier than our normal routine. We don’t hit snooze once. James and I pull on clothes in the dark, catch a bus, walk into an urban forest. We listen. The morning chorus of birds fills the air with their normal routines. Trills, drumming, flight calls. Some of […]

I am always on the lookout for a new beginning. Please, God, renew me, because the current me just doesn’t measure up. So Persian New Year was a great discovery: it falls on Spring Equinox. If Western New Year or Chinese New Year don’t do the trick, here’s a third chance in three months to […]

Here I am again. At the top of a small hill, trying to ski down it with some elegance and style. More realistically: without injuring myself, others, or my dignity. I’ve made it down several hills today with complete success. Well, most people wouldn’t call them hills, more like a small rolls in the trail. […]

For those having a blue season, a tune out of the creative archive.

Imagine with me: sitting at the bed of a family member who is extremely ill, perhaps dying. Their closest and dearest have gathered. Some you haven’t spent much time with for a long while. But they have come from distance, through questions, tears, numbness, and obligation (in the best sense of that old-fashioned word). They […]

My partner, James, is a man of few words. A man dis-inclined to effusive expressions. A man who doesn’t see much point in talking about the spiritual realm. A man whose hands are so strong and skilled they earned him the title Master Carpenter. In other words, he and I are an odd match indeed. […]