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The Maiden and The Makita

An immaculately reconceived story:  The Virgin Mary is depressed and can’t get out of bed.  Her lover, the Holy Spirit, got her pregnant and split.  She struggles to get out from under the covers aided by icons – a lounge singer, a computer combat figure, and someone in the distance with a halo.  But it’s not until the miraculous cordless drill appears that she is able to reconstruct her life. This hour-long solo work combines live original music, multiple characters, and feminist theology into a provocative, enlivening performance.

Provocative. Irreverently clever and downright amazing, this show is a must-see. Seattle Weekly

Europa and the Bull

This woman’s monologue is part of Art Plays, 12 short scripts, each of which is based on a work of visual art.  Travel 15 years into the future to see what became of the young princess who climbed onto the back of a bull. Based on the drawing “Europa and the Bull” by James Nichols.

Contact Beth to peruse this script.  Contact Northwest Playwrights Alliance to obtain the entire series at

 Standing Ground

Your home?  Your passion?  Your work?  Where do you draw the line?  Where do you stand your ground? Three short monologues for female performer(s). Begin with a visit to the Center for Useful Things, move into an intimate conversation about world domination with a woman in a slip, and take a leisurely walk across a cornfield.

Talented and quirky approach to the material. Seattle Weekly

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