Connect powerfully.  These experiential workshops invite participants to try out new concepts and deepen their expertise. Creative approaches — such as writing, visual art, and simple movement — make the sessions fun as well as enriching.

Workshops and retreats for faith settings:

  • Naming the Divine: Let’s roll up our sleeves and play with a variety of ways to call upon God.
  • The Poetry of Rumi: Climb inside the works of this Sufi mystic.
  • Hearing Our Stories in the Psalms: Bring the psalms closer to your life.

Sample workshops for educators, non-profits, and students:

  • Framing your story for different audiences
  • Improvisation for Informal Educators (also GREAT for interview preparation)

“It feels like my cork got pulled and all this life is bubbling out,”   Retreat Participant

“I was going in the wrong direction, then  returned to class to experience “Emma Darwin’s Helpful Suggestions for Surviving Life with a Scientist” and I was saved. The performance and improv activities were what I needed to rediscover the fun in informal science learning.” Western Washington University Student

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