Emma Speaks!

Originally Posted Sunday, May 10, 2009

 After two years, dozens of books, one trip to Down, England, and hours of imagining, Emma Darwin’s Helpful Suggestions for Surviving Life with a Scientist has been birthed. It’s a thirty minute visit with Charles’ wife, as she dishes up tales of rumpus rooms, worm research, and life lived according to the scientific method. So far it’s performed in a couple living rooms, the Washington State Science Teachers’ Association, and University Congregational United Church of Christ — a suitably diverse grouping of habitats. She is an approachable woman with a dry sense of humor that is appealing to audiences:

“This living history presentation was absolutely one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Thanks are due to my director, Cynthia White, my wig mistress, Sally, my team of respondants (Zeta Strickland, Kelly Huffman, Cecelia Frye, Blair & Craig Brooke-Weiss), my new friends on Flickster who shared wonderful images, and my husband James, who proposed this project and served as a sounding board (and model for CD) throughout.


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